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    Test on every device from one place from your own website.

    Responsivly allows you to show clients how bad or good a website looks when viewed on all the different of devices we have in the world today

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Why you need to get a copy of responsilvy

On Your Website

Not like others that are charging a $1000 per year to have a sub domain on their site, you can have Responsivly on your own site, and 100% control how and what you want to do with it, with a simple one of payment.

Multi Device Testing

Rather then having every device under the sun, which would be very costly to keep up with every new one that is released, simply show them a website with it all on one page, it really is as simple as that.

Easy Set Up

Simply upload Responsively to your server, and follow our guide on how to update the text and logo, and your all set, fully white labelled for you. Oh and did we mention its so simple to do not need to be a coder to set it up

Full Customizable

Not only do we include a simple guide to get you up and running, we include our full source coder, and Fully Layered Photoshop files, so if you wish to totally rebrand or take the feel of it in a totally new direction, we have you covered.



Responsivly is a super sleek tool that you can use to show a client how bad their current website looks on a array of multiple devices, and highlight the reasons why they need a mobile solution for their company, or use Responsively to show HOW GOOD your work looks on multiple devices.


Dean Martin

Web Designer / Deelow Designs

One of my biggest issues in landing a client this year has been showing them why a website needs to be mobile ready, with Responsivly I’ve been able to show them how their current website looks and why it needs to have a responsive website. I would easily say using Responsivly for this task has increase my sales rate big time, and at the same time made my life easier when showing a client a finished website and how it would react to the different devices with out having to actually have them all with the client physically.

Its a no Brainer

for a small one of payment you own it for your domain!

Unlike the other that are selling lesser versions for $1000+ per year ( which you just rent on a sub domain, you don’t get to even own it ) Responsivly is a one of payment and you own it all , from the script and the source code and design files. It’s very simple to set up on your domain – once you have purchased it from here, you will be given a zip file and a guide on how to tweak it ( more advanced coders will have full access to fully customise it for their needs ), we even chuck in the fully layered PSD.

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Limited time only offer

The price will be doubling very soon.

Because we are so excited to Responsivly in the hands of people that will really benifit from having a such a tool, we have giving it this super low price, but as time ticks on the price will go up – so make sure to not site on the fence with this one, act now and get a great deal.